Caroline Kaufman and Vincent Torelli present at Lehigh’s 2017 MSE Undergraduate Research Symposium

Caroline Kaufman and Vincent Torelli presented their research at Lehigh’s inaugural Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Undergraduate Research Symposium on Thursday, April 20, 2017. Caroline discussed her efforts to improve biomaterial designs for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration in her talk titled, “3D Printing with Peptide-Polymer Conjugates for Functionalized Tissue Engineering Scaffolds”. Vinnie shared his work synthesizing new self-assembling molecules in his talk titled, “Changing the Game: Synthesis of Novel Supramolecular Hydrogels”. Congratulations to both on their great presentations and representing the Chow Lab well!

Many thanks to the organizers, especially Dr. Amanda Krause, for a fantastic event! Looking forward to next year’s symposium speakers.

Caroline and Vinnie.png



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