Dammy, Peter, and Lesley present at ATB 2017 Materials Innovations for Additive Manufacturing

This year’s  Lehigh Emerging Technology Network’s (LETN) Advancing Technologies for Business event focused on additive manufacturing (AM) with an emphasis on materials innovations. It was an exciting event with great talks, posters, and exhibits from academia and industry. Dammy and Peter presented posters titled, “Fabrication of Biotinylated Peptide Functionalized Scaffolds Using 3D Printing” and “Determination of Mechanical Properties for 3D-Printed Microfibers” to showcase our latest work. Lesley discussed how we are designing new functionalized polymer inks to 3D print scaffolds for tissue engineering in her talk “Focus on the Ink: Developing New Materials for 3D Printing”. Learn more about the event here.

Photo credit: Mary Anne Lynch


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