Chow Lab Group Party!

The Chow Lab celebrated the (almost) end of the semester with a group party! It was great to get out of the lab, eat good food, and have fun together! Most importantly, we gathered to congratulate four wonderful people who are graduating this year: Annie Behre (BS ’19, Bioengineering), Nicole Malofsky (BS ’19, Bioengineering), Sydney Yang (BS ’19, Bioengineering), and Dammy Busari (MS ’19, Materials Science and Engineering). Annie and Sydney are headed off to graduate school at Carnegie Mellon BME and University of Maryland BME, respectively, this fall. Fortunately, Dammy and Nicole are not leaving us yet! Dammy will stick around for the summer and Nicole will start her master’s degree in Healthcare Systems Engineering in the fall.

Thanks for being awesome and making a huge difference during your time in the group. We wish you all the best of luck!

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