Congratulations to DR. Paula Camacho Sierra on her successful PhD defense!

Dr. Camacho Sierra gave a fantastic defense presentation on Tuesday, May 17 highlighting her work investigating how multi-peptide organization in 3D-printed scaffolds drives osteochondral tissue regeneration. It was exciting to see everything she has accomplished in the past five years! Many thanks to all who came to support Dr. Camacho Sierra in person and via Zoom. Special thanks to her amazing committee members Dr. Hannah Dailey (MEM, Lehigh), Dr. Tommy Pashuck (BioE, Lehigh), Dr. Susan Perry (BioE, Lehigh), and Dr. Thomas Schaer (PennVet, UPenn) for the feedback and mentorship throughout her PhD.

We celebrated Dr. Camacho Sierra over dinner and drinks in the most lovely weather. Even Rosa (in her donut cone) joined in on the fun. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her!

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