Principal Investigator

Lesley W. Chow, PhD
Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) & Bioengineering (BioE)
Postdoc, Materials & Bioengineering, Imperial College London
PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University
BS, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida
lac415 at

Graduate Students

Paula Camacho (BioE)
DVM, Veterinary Medicine, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
pac417 at

My research focuses on developing 3D-printed scaffolds functionalized with bioactive peptides to guide functional osteochondral tissue regeneration. I am particularly interested in exploring how spatial organization of biochemical cues influences cell behavior and tissue formation. Outside the lab, I enjoy hanging out with my dog Luna and husband Roberto, reading, and traveling. Fun fact: My hobby growing up was riding horses and show jumping.

Diana Hammerstone (MSE)
BS, Materials Science and Engineering, Lehigh University
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
deh220 at

My research focuses on characterizing the effect of peptide functionalization on material properties of our 3D-printed constructs. I am investigating how the addition of different peptide-polymer conjugates and concentrations affects mechanical and surface properties across length scales. Apart from my lab work, I enjoy running, hanging out with my dog Desi, and water sports like water skiing and wake surfing. Fun fact: My main hobby from kindergarten through the beginning of high school was Irish dancing. 

Kelly Seims (MSE)
BS, Bioengineering, Lehigh University
kbs218 at

My research focuses on the spatial and temporal delivery of growth factor-mimetic peptides to drive regeneration of stable osteochondral tissue. I am using bioorthogonal click chemistry to tether peptides to 3D-printed scaffolds at user-defined locations and timepoints in the presence of cells. My favorite hobby is singing – both in the car and at choir. Fun fact: I have an unhealthy obsession with reality TV. 

John Tolbert (Polymer Science and Engineering; PSE)
BS, Materials Science and Engineering, Lehigh University
jwt318 at

My research focuses on characterizing the mechanical and degradation properties of our solvent-cast polymer-based scaffolds and membranes. I am particularly interested in how these properties can be tuned by changing polymer chemistry and molecular weight. Outside the lab I enjoy running, playing disc golf, and cooking. I also love spending time with my dog Desi and hamster Ruby. Fun fact: My family has a leopard gecko that is thirteen years old. 

Rosa Chowshuck
*BS, Basic Obedience
(joint with Pashuck Lab)

My research focuses on getting as many pets and treats as possible. I am particularly interested in whatever you are eating right now and what you may be eating in the future. Outside the lab, I enjoy napping, going to the dog park, hiking, chasing after tennis balls, eating, sleeping, getting pets, eating, and napping. Fun fact: I am a very good girl.

*needs 3 credits

Undergraduate Students

Natalie Condon
’22 Bioengineering, Lehigh University

My research focuses on fabricating polymer-based membranes and characterizing their mechanical, optical, and degradation properties. I am interested in studying how these properties can be altered based on the polymer’s molecular weight and chemistry. Outside the lab, I enjoy running with friends, hiking in the Adirondacks, and cooking new foods. Fun fact: I grew up in my mom’s childhood home in Upstate New York. 

Yaa Donkor
’23 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Lehigh University
RARE Scholar

Fenet Demissie
’24 IDEAS / Bioengineering, Lehigh University
RARE Scholar
LUSSI Scholar

My research focuses on synthesizing growth factor-mimetic peptides and modifying them with bioorthogonal chemistries. My goal is to attach the peptides to surface of polymer-based scaffolds in the presence of cells during culture. Outside the lab, I enjoy listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, reading, and watching K-dramas. Fun fact: I learned to part and braid all of my hair without needing a mirror throughout lockdown.

Daphna Fertil
’22 Chemical Engineering, Lafayette University

My research is focused on creating large-scale spatially organized 3D-printed scaffolds for in vivo implantation. I am particularly interested in studying how the spatial organization of bioactive peptides affects tissue development. Outside the lab, I enjoy listening to music, working out, eating good food, and watching court shows on YouTube. Fun fact: While in high school, I started a cupcake business that lasted for three years to fund some college expenses.

Natasha Hunt
’22 Bioengineering, Lehigh University
GELH Scholar

My research focuses on incorporating a protease-sensitive peptide sequence into a polymer backbone to match scaffold degradation to tissue regeneration. I am interested in observing how increasing the number of protease-cleavable sites affects degradation and mechanical properties of 3D scaffolds. Outside of the lab, I enjoy backpacking, traveling, reading, and motorcycling. Fun fact: I am slowly morphing into a plant mom.

Sareena Karim
’22 Bioengineering, Lehigh University
RARE Scholar

My research involves solvent-cast 3D printing polymers with different solvents. I am characterizing how different solvents affect ink viscosity, scaffold architecture, and mechanical properties. I find testing the mechanical properties of materials particularly interesting. Outside the lab, I enjoy hanging out with friends and spending time with family. Fun Fact: I also run a haircare business called Foli-Q.

Andrew Kitson
’21 Bioengineering, Lehigh University

My research focuses on the mechanical characterization of 3D-printed polymer scaffolds. both at the fiber-level and scaffold-level as their architecture is change. I am interested in how altering mechanical properties via architectural changes, such as fiber diameter and pore size, influences cellular differentiation. Outside of the lab, I enjoy reading, working out, and hiking/swimming with my dog Kova. Fun fact: While currently studying Bioengineering, I was previously in nursing school.

Photographer: Sareena Karim


Dr. Katherine Hudson, PhD (08/2016-08/2017) – Scientist II at Astellas Pharmaceuticals

Graduate student
Hafiz Busari, MS ’19 (MSE) – Polymer Engineer at PolyMed, Inc

Undergraduate students
Elizabeth Andrews, Lehigh BIOS ’21 – NIH Postbac Scholar
Anne Behre*, Lehigh BIOE ’19 – PhD student, Carnegie Mellon BME (Feinberg Lab)
Sarah Boyer*, Lehigh MSE ’20 – PhD student, Northwestern MSE (Joester Lab)
Reilly Callahan, Lehigh BIOE ‘19, Soc ‘20G
Ruth Cannon, NUI Galway BME ‘17
Matthew Fainor#, Lehigh IDEAS/BioE ’20 – Research Specialist at University of Pennsylvania
Rachel Fan, Lehigh BIOE ’18 – Health Industries Advisory Consultant, PwC
Jenna Fromer, Tufts ChemE ‘21
Matthew Green, Northampton ENG ’19
Diana Hammerstone*, Lehigh MSE ‘20 – Grad student, Lehigh MSE (Chow Lab)
Caroline Kaufman, Lehigh BioE ’18, HSE ‘19G – MD student, Sackler School of Medicine
Kevin Kim, Lehigh BIOE ‘20
Vaughan Kramer, Lehigh BIOE ’22
Zhongrui Liu, Lehigh MSE ’18 – PhD student, UC Davis MSE (Parikh Lab)
Nicole Malofsky, Lehigh BIOE’19 – PhD student, Vanderbilt BME
Patricia Morales^, Lehigh BioE ‘19
Kaung Myat, Lehigh MSE ‘19
Divya Patel*, Lehigh BIOE ‘18 – Software Test Engineer, Nihon Kohden
Saral Patel, Lehigh BIOE’19, HSE ‘20G – MD student, New York Medical College
Nicole Pellecchia, Lehigh BIOE’18 – Associate Scientist, GSK
Kydia Ruiz^, Lehigh BIOS ’21
Kelly Seims*, Lehigh BIOE’18 – PhD candidate, Lehigh MSE (Chow Lab)
Ivan Spann#, Lehigh BIOE’20 – Associate Failure Analysis Engineering, Insulet
Claire Ternes, Lehigh IDEAS/MSE ’20 – Graduate student, McMaster Engineering Design
Lucien Schreiber, NUI Galway BME ’20 – PhD student, NUI Galway BME
Vincent Torelli. BIOS ’18 – OMS student, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Sydney Yang#^, Lehigh BIOE ‘19 – PhD student, University of Maryland BME (Duncan Lab)
Nathaniel Yuchimiuk, Lehigh BIOE ’21

*Clare Boothe Luce Scholar
#Grants for Experiential Learning in Health (GELH) Scholar
^Rapidly Accelerated Research Experiences (RARE) Scholar