Tyler French presents at MS&T 2022!

Tyler French (Lehigh MSE '23) presented his research at the Materials Science & Technology (MS&T) 2022 Technical Meeting sponsored by TMS and the Society for Biomaterials in Pittsburgh on Monday, October 10, 2022. His talk titled, "Solvent Cast 3D Printing with Different Molecular Weight Polymers" describes how he can modifying scaffold mechanical properties independently of... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Chiebuka, Gerry, Juliana, and Juan!

We are very pleased to welcome four new lab members to the Chow Lab this semester: Bioengineering PhD students Chiebuka Okpara (joint with the TGF Lab) and Gerardo Ortega Oviedo, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering undergraduate student Juliana Forero Arevalo, and Materials Science and Engineering undergraduate student Juan Mendoza. Can't wait to see all the exciting... Continue Reading →

John Tolbert, Diana Hammerstone, and Kelly Seims presented at Society for Biomaterials

Late to post this! Diana Hammerstone, Kelly Seims, and John Tolbert presented their latest work at the 2022 Society for Biomaterials meeting in Baltimore, MD in April. Diana presented a rapid-fire talk and poster titled, "Characterizing physical properties of constructs 3D printed with peptide-polymer conjugates." John gave a talk titled, "Characterizing properties of solvent-cast 3D-printed... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Chow Lab Undergraduate Researchers!

Our lab has been very lucky to have fantastic undergraduate researchers that contribute significantly to our research progress every academic year. This year was no different with six undergraduate students from Bioengineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and the Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences (IDEAS) program. Here, we highlight their... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Kelly Seims on her MS Thesis!

Huge congratulations to Kelly Seims on fulfilling all requirements for her MS degree. Her thesis titled, “Effect of Growth Factor-Mimetic Peptides on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Osteogenesis and Chondrogenesis” describes how she developed this new research direction in our group. Stay tuned for future publications on this! We are so proud and thankful to have... Continue Reading →

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