New publication from Kelly and Natasha!

Kelly Seims and Natasha Hunt published a review paper titled, "Strategies to Control or Mimic Growth Factor Activity for Bone, Cartilage, and Osteochondral Tissue Engineering" in the Bioconjugate Chemistry! Check it out to learn more about how growth factors, growth factor binding peptides, and growth factor mimicking-peptides are covalently or non-covalently bound to biomaterial surfaces. This... Continue Reading →

Nate Yuchimiuk represented Lehigh BioE at the 2021 Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium!

Nate Yuchimiuk (BioE '21) presented his work on "Developing Techniques to Characterize Solvent-Cast 3D-Printed Scaffolds" at Lehigh Engineering's annual David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium on April 7, 2021. Thanks to the virtual format, you can learn more about Nate's awesome work directly from him. Check it out here. Congratulations on being nominated by our... Continue Reading →

New publication from Paula, Matthew, Kelly, and John!

Paula Camacho, Matthew Fainor, Kelly Seims, and John Tolbert have a new paper out in the Journal for Biological Methods! If you'd like to find out how we 3D print our spatially functionalized scaffolds, check out their open-access publication "Fabricating spatially functionalized 3D-printed scaffolds for osteochondral tissue engineering" today! Many thanks for Dr. James Armstrong... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Natasha Hunt on her GELH award!

Congratulations to Natasha Hunt on being awarded a Grant for Experiential Learning in Health (GELH)! This GELH grant will fund her research project titled, "Synthesizing Peptide-Polymer Conjugates with Enzyme-Cleavable Sequences for Cell-Mediated Degradation." This work is in collaboration with the Grayson Lab at Johns Hopkins University and the Pashuck Lab at Lehigh.

Congratulations to Yaa Donkor on receiving a NACME Scholarship and internship at Air Products!

Yaa Donkor has been awarded the National Action Council For Minorities in Engineering (NACME) Scholarship! This scholarship recognizes Yaa's academic achievements and provides "support in the form of grants and professional development programs to partner institutions who commit to ensure increased enrollment, and successful matriculation of under-represented minority students in the fields of engineering and computer... Continue Reading →

The Chow Lab Ethos

Based on the inspiring work by @SammyKatta, we adapted a poster to represent our lab ethos and biomaterials focus and took the pledge. The ongoing pandemics have shown us how our role as scientists, engineers, and life-long learners goes far beyond our research in the lab. We are dedicated to upholding all of these values,... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to Paula, Sareena, and Nate!

Congratulations are in order for Paula Camacho, Sareena Karim, and Nate Yuchimiuk! Paula has been inducted in the Rossin Professional Development Program! This program is designed to prepare high-achieving Lehigh engineering doctoral students for successful future academic careers. Sareena won a Stage 3 Eureka Pitch competition to fund her start-up venture Foli-Q that offers a... Continue Reading →

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