Welcoming two new graduate students: Natasha Hunt and Andrew Kitson!

We welcomed two new graduate students Natasha Hunt (Lehigh BIOE ’21) and Andrew Kitson (Lehigh BIOE ’21) into the lab this January! You may recognize their faces because they were undergraduate researchers in our group and completed their undergraduate degrees in Lehigh Bioengineering in December 2021. We are very excited and thankful they chose to continue their research and pursue their graduate studies at Lehigh.

Natasha is an MS student in Bioengineering developing polymer conjugates with protease-sensitive backbones that degrade as cells remodel their matrix. Her project is in collaboration with the Grayson Lab at Johns Hopkins and the Pashuck Lab at Lehigh and focuses on generating scaffolds composed of these conjugates for craniofacial bone regeneration.

Andrew is a PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering investigating how human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) respond to the physical properties of solvent-cast 3D-printed scaffolds. He is fabricating scaffolds with well-defined architectures and mechanical properties to understand how each property contributes to cell response. His project is in collaboration with the Krick Lab at FAMU/FSU, Tom Schaer at PennVet, and the Dailey Lab at Lehigh.

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