John Tolbert, Diana Hammerstone, and Kelly Seims presented at Society for Biomaterials

Late to post this! Diana Hammerstone, Kelly Seims, and John Tolbert presented their latest work at the 2022 Society for Biomaterials meeting in Baltimore, MD in April.

Diana presented a rapid-fire talk and poster titled, “Characterizing physical properties of constructs 3D printed with peptide-polymer conjugates.” John gave a talk titled, “Characterizing properties of solvent-cast 3D-printed biomaterials.” Kelly was not able to attend in person so Lesley hopped in to present her rapid-fire talk and poster titled, “Developing 3D-printed scaffolds with tunable growth factor-mimetic peptide presentation.”

We also got to hang out with Chow Lab alumni Hafiz (Dammy) Busari and Sydney Yang! Dammy is currently a Polymer Design Engineer at PolyMed, Inc and pursuing a PhD. Sydney is a PhD student in Gregg Duncan’s lab at the University of Maryland.

R to L: John Tolbert (MSE ’18), Hafiz Busari (MSE ’19G), Sydney Yang (BIOE ’19), Diana Hammerstone (MSE ’20), Lesley Chow.

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